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We know the challenges of bringing a film to life. But what's often overlooked is the crucial step that follows: distribution. Filmmaking is an art, and getting your story seen is an art in itself.

You put all your guts into the production of a film, your blood, your tears, your money and when its finished, you don't know how to make it seen. And the harsh reality becomes evident:  A film that is not seen is a film that doesn't exist in the eyes of this industry. 

I’ve directed and self-produced two short films. At this time, I didn't have the codes and consequent knowledge about film industry. I had a rewarding work experiences at film festivals, international sales and film production. I understood the codes and developed my network, thanks to that my films have found the good place where to be screened. 

I wanted to put this experience at the service of filmmakers and producers. 

This is the reason why I have founded Hors du bocal, an international film sales company aimed at promoting and developing the export of independent films from emerging filmmakers.

Whether it's a first or second, a low-budget, a self-produced, school project film of all genres and all lengths, we're here to support and uplift it. 

We believe that creative brilliance knows no productional bounds, and every film deserves a chance to shine!

From managing international distribution strategy, festivals and sales, we're here to push your film towards success. Whether your film followed a traditional or unconventional path, we're interested in films that resonate, challenge, inspire in form and substance.

We are aware that not everyone starts on an equal footing in art due to structural disparities, especially in terms of film school education, networking opportunities, and subsequent production access.

Our team firmly believes that diversity, inclusion and innovation come from stories that defy convention, being out of the box or 'Hors du bocal' as it means in French Out of the Fishbowl.

Hors du bocal's mission is to search-out and showcase outstanding cinematic pearls, taking them out of the fishbowl into the spotlight!

Zahra Benasri

Founder of Hors du Bocal

Meet our incredible team

Zahra Benasri (she/her)
Sales & Festival Manager

Sybille Guerriero
Festival Assistant

Xavier Pique (he/him)
Head of Technical

Axelle Amar (she/her)
Graphic Designer